Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

DUI Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

If you were arrested in Illinois for a DUI, you must get an alcohol and drug evaluation before you are sentenced in court for the DUI offense, or before you are granted driving privileges by the Secretary of State.

When you first arrive at the Serenity Treatment and Counseling Center Inc. to undergo your evaluation, you are required by our licensing agency, The Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Substance Use, Prevention and Recovery (SUPR), to read and understand the evaluation process, which explains the evaluation’s purpose. Essentially, it states that the DUI Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Uniform Report takes into account factors such as: your driving history, chemical test results (e.g. blood alcohol content), an Objective Test score, and an interview with the evaluator for the purpose of obtaining facts about your past and current alcohol and drug use.

State Police Traffic Stop

This information is then used to determine/classify you in one of four risk levels. The Risk Levels and related recommendations are: Minimal Risk (10 hours of DUI Risk Education); Moderate Risk (10 hours of DUI Risk Education and 12 hours of Early Intervention); Significant Risk (10 hours of Risk Education and 20 hours of counseling); and, High Risk (75 hours of counseling).

Police officer arrests the driver violator on road

If you were arrested for DUI in Cook, DuPage or Lake Counties, those courts will require that you complete your DUI alcohol and drug evaluation at a specific program they designate. However, after your evaluation is completed you can choose your counseling program. Make sure you tell your lawyer and evaluator you would like to go to Serenity Treatment and Counseling Center Inc.

Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

If you were arrested for offenses other than DUI, a judge may order an alcohol and drug evaluation at a pre-trial hearing. Our expert staff can provide you with a comprehensive and in-depth evaluation in accordance with the court order.

Clinical Alcohol and Drug Assessments

Our clinical staff can perform a standardized diagnostic interview diagnose if you have a substance use disorder (SUD), and make appropriate treatment recommendations and/or referrals.

Department of Transportations (D.O.T.) Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

D.O.T. evaluations are needed if the individual has violated DOT alcohol and/or drug rules and regulations. Our staff includes trained certified CADC’s (Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors) to evaluate you and make treatment recommendations.

On-site Alcohol and Drug Screenings

Our staff at Serenity Treatment and Counseling are able to provide onsite screenings needed to comply with court, probation, or employer requirements for alcohol and/or drug screenings.

Counseling and Classes

DUI Risk Education

Completion of 10 hours of Risk Education is required if you’re classified Minimal, Moderate or Significant Risk. You’ll learn about the impact that alcohol and drug use have on human behavior and, specifically, upon driving skills. Furthermore, you’ll learn about Illinois DUI law enforcement to protect public safety.

Early Intervention

If you’re Moderate Risk, along with 10 hours of Risk Education, you’re required to complete 12 hours of Early Intervention. Early Intervention is conducted in a group counseling setting with the goal that you develop a personal action plan to prevent irresponsible use of alcohol when driving in the future.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Counseling

If you’re Significant Risk, along with 10 hours of Risk Education, you need to complete 20 hours of counseling. If you’re High Risk, you need to complete 75 hours of counseling. STCC will provide counseling in a group setting.

During counseling, our staff will embrace an empathetic and non-judgmental approach to help you examine your issues, concerns, and problems that may have led to your arrest. Then, we’ll help you adopt new skills to develop alternative lifestyles which could significantly reduce your chances you’ll face another DUI arrest in the future.

Our staff will work closely with your court contact to make sure they’re updated about your progress; therefore, it’s important that you complete your court requirements in a timely manner. Upon successfully completing your counseling, you’ll receive a formal letter of completion and certificate from Serenity Treatment and Counseling Center that we can also fax to your court contact. For those of you participating in counseling for a Secretary of State hearing, you’ll receive a Secretary of State Treatment Verification Report to take to your hearing.


After successful completion of Significant or High-Risk counseling, most courts require you to meet with your counselor on a monthly basis to reinforce the changes you’ve made. The duration of aftercare ranges from six to twelve months depending upon the specific court’s requirements.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Counseling for Reasons other than a DUI

At Serenity Treatment and Counseling Center we also provide additional licensed services. We are a licensed Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment and Intensive Outpatient Treatment, who will provide successful counseling to clients who were referred for any alcohol and/or drug related concerns.

License Reinstatement

Driver’s License Reinstatement through Secretary of State Administrative Hearings

We’ll provide you with all evaluation and treatment documents needed. Please visit the link below from the Secretary of State’s website: